Welcome to Bali Sweat Lodge

Feel and embrace your renewed self as you tried the healthy and spiritual benefits of Bali Sweat Lodge.


Bali Sweat Lodge offers a rejuvenation and healing experience for every people. It is more than just a sauna that can relieve one’s body from stress and ailments that one encounters. The participants will have the opportunity to free their minds from distractions and the practice gives you crystal clear mind. It is also a place of in depth introspection where one connects thy self with the spiritual world and the surrounding environment.


Sweat Therapy Benefits


With the sauna-like environment, the sweat therapy of the Bali Sweat Lodge definitely offers a warming and different yet good feeling. The participants of the therapy enters a mound made of stones or woods that forms like a cave or an igloo and is covered with earth or hays or any medium that is good for covering that heat can go inside the mound.


The warm steam that is coming inside the mound comes from heated rocks that are periodically poured with hot water.


The sweat therapy basically holds on to the principle that as a ceremony, it is an intention to be one with creator and having a respectful bond with the environment itself apart from purging one’s body from toxins and stress.


Experience a one of a kind and heavenly experience. Visit Bali Sweat Lodge and submit yourself in tranquility.